What are good German founder communities to validate an MVP?

    • We just launched our MVP website for our meal planning app. It's completely in German. We are now thinking about whether to create a small English version to post on Product Hunt, HackerNews, Reddit for validation or if there is any German community we could try instead. The app itself will be focused on the German market at launch, that's why we would prefer to validate the idea in German, but maybe that's just not very feasible.

      Looking forward to hearing about German communities we don't know, yet. And of course, feedback on the MVP itself is also highly appreciated!

      Website: https://www.choosy-app.com/

      asked by Julius Kuschke·5 months ago


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      Matthias NanntBest answer

      Great product! It's very easy to get to your weekly meal plan. I think the product is already so well developed that you can't say it's an MVP ;-)


      I got 7 meal suggestions and would have loved to have it more detailed on the weekday so it helps me to make less decisions: this is what you eat on Monday; this on Tuesday. I also got desserts and main dishes mixed. would be great to have them separated. Also one problem for me was that I have a fish allergy and during the initial suggestion part I got 3 meals with fish in it and didn't know what to select; because I loved the main style of the dish but fish was a no-go.


      You should also charge people for the MVP to see if they really see the value in your offering and if you could build a profitable business on top of it in the future.

      Startup Communities:

      Unfortunately I don't know any Germany-wide startup communities. Is your business model in any way tied to the German market? I would build the small english version and post it on international communities. But then it should be a business with monetisation strategy. If people aren't willing to pay and you can't make a living from it you need to find that out as soon as possible.

      5 months ago
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      We found this Facebook group (not German though) very useful: "Pitch Your Startup / SaaS - Get Feedback from Founders & Find Early Users"

      5 months ago

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