How to validate a solution?

    • I talked to a lot of users and guess I understand their problem and I come up with a potential solution. A: how do I validate, that this is the proper solution and B: how do I make sure, that they are willing to pay for it?
      asked by James Mando·6 months ago


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      Matthias NanntBest answer
      Hi James, hopefully you already validated the problem that you want to solve with some user-interviews. When you have a validated problem and come up with a solution, asking users if they want to buy it doesn't work anymore because they will just tell you that they would just to not disappoint you. Instead you need to build a very small version of your product (minimum valuable product; MVP) to test your solution-hypotheses. It shouldn't take more than a few days to build this MVP. Introduce this product/service/offer to your potential customers and see if and how they interact with it and in best case are also willing to pay money for it. e.g. you have validated the problem that students have a hard time finding a student job in their local area. Then your MVP could be a simpel listing of student jobs in your area which you hand to students to help them find a job. To test the monetization you could also contact companies and offer them to add their jobs to the list if they pay you $50 dollar (or whatever you want to charge them).
      6 months ago

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