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Learning from other experienced startup founders is extremely important at every stage. We help you with that.

Connect with other founders, investors and companies around the world & build your network.
Find the best answers to all your questions that arise while building a startup.
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Attend our Europe-wide events, face-to-face with our community and learn from first hand experience.
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Get access to the knowledge and tools you need to build a worldwide scalable, fast-growing company.
People working on laptops

Why do we need this?

Starting a startup is hard - for everyone!

At foundersplash, we've been supporting startup founders for more than 10 years and have seen founders struggle with the same questions and challenges over and over again. We've also seen the powerful impact of a strong community of like-minded founders supporting and motivating each other.
Our vision with foundersplash is to build this kind of community for ambitious startup founders around the world who want to build fast-growing companies.

For achieving this vision we follow the same principles as a startup: Indentify problems, build things that solve this problem and iterate fast.

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